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Faltec Europe Strategy

Formed in 1989 as ‘Hashimoto Ltd’ and renamed as ‘Faltec Europe Ltd’ in 2012, we are a manufacturer that supplies into the automotive industry based in Boldon, Tyne and Wear.

With a dedicated work force of over 550 Workers, we strive to deliver quality products with a world class service. As our company motto, ‘Driven by the passion for improvement’, demonstrating a company continually working towards improving our services to customers by utilizing new technologies and techniques.

Faltec Europe Ltd, Driven by the passion to succeed.

Address Faltec Europe Ltd
Unit 5, Didcot Way
Boldon, Tyne & Wear
NE35 9PD
Managing Director TBC
Shifts Day Shift: 07:00-15:05
Back Shift: 15:00-23:05
Night Shift: 23:00-07:05
117 Hours per week
Land 41,139m2
Buildings 16,050m2
Employees Total 550 (151 Agency) - As of August 2018
Founded 5th September 1989